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    Default New Type 1 and 2 IC's for 2013

    A letter came out on Monday that listed the new incident commanders for 2013. Looks like a lot of changes in wildfire leadership and undoubtedly a trickle down affect through other positions in the teams. Next few months will be interesting.

    This letter was a public letter and doesn't appear to be confidential in any form.

    PNW Team 2 – IC Chris Schulte, Deputy Dave LaFave, Trainee Robert Allen
    PNW Team 3 – IC Ed Lewis, Deputy Keith Satterfield, Trainee Noel Livingston

    WA Team 1 – IC Bob Johnson, Deputy Gary Jennings and Trainee Michael Ciraulo
    WA Team 2 – IC Nathan Rabe, Deputy Rex Reed, Trainee to be determined
    WA Team 3- IC Bob Allbee
    WA Team 4 –IC Larry Nickey, Deputy Brian Gales
    WA Team 5 – IC Dave Leitch, Trainee Richy Harrod

    OR Team 1 – IC Ross Williams, Deputy Carl West and Trainee Shawn Sheldon
    OR Team 2 – IC Brett Fillis, Deputy Eric Knerr
    OR Team 3 – IC Doug Johnson, Deputy Tim Keith
    OR Team 4 – IC Brian Watts, Deputy Nick Lunde, Trainee to be determined

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    Default Re: New Type 1 and 2 IC's for 2013

    I guess Rex Reed only retired a little.. LOL
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    Default Re: New Type 1 and 2 IC's for 2013

    I've been updating the Federal Type 1 team and Type 2 team ICs, DPICs and trainees for 2013 and fixing any broken links. I also want to check the NIMO Teams' leadership and links, and the Area Command Teams. I have kept these pages up to date since 2000 and many fire department websites across the country link directly to the pages. Time to get crackin' for 2013.

    Type 1 IIMTs
    Type 2 IIMTs
    Area Command Teams (haven't worked on this one at all, looks like only 2 teams???)

    Thanks Berminator for the PNW IC changes. I've incorporated those. Also updated the T2 CAIIMT leadership info from a contributor. I have incorporated changes to the teams that have posted leadership changes on their websites. Often teams do not make changes to their websites until they are deployed and have a way to pay for the costs of the website work. It's helpful to know this leadership info before deployment if at all possible.

    As I finish sections, I'm noting "updated for 2013" on the tables. Otherwise it says 2012.

    Please write in here or send an email to abercrombie @ wildlandfire.com (without spaces) if you have corrections for the Type 1 and/or the Type 2 team pages.

    It would be nice to create an additional page for Type 1 CAL FIRE Teams, including IC, DPIC, IC Trainee if any, but I have never been able to get that information, except in a spotty fashion. If anyone has that and wants to send it to me, I'd be happy to create that page as well, or not...

    Here are the CAL FIRE Team pages I've been able to find. Some are under construction:

    CAL FIRE Team 1
    CAL FIRE Team 2
    CAL FIRE Team 6
    CAL FIRE Team 7
    CAL FIRE Team 8
    CAL FIRE Team 9
    CAL FIRE Team 10

    A copy of this post is in General Discussion to get help from ALL Regions.


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    Default Re: New Type 1 and 2 IC's for 2013

    CalFire realigned the teams this year. There was formerly 10 teams. 1 North and 1 South each on a 1 week availability. Now 6 teams in a 1 week rotation each team covers the entire state and is made up of folks from the North and South balanced out. For example the IC maybe from the North but Deputy IC from the South Etc.

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