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    Default AVUE is going away...

    From the Ab account:


    The end of AVUE is coming soon!!! Lets do this RIGHT Forest Service! To be honest, if we were required to use a 1972 typewriter and mail the application on one of those Wells Fargo stagecoaches, that would be better than AVUE. Anything would be better than AVUE.

    Date: April 27, 2012
    Subject: New Human Resources Management Staffing Software
    To: Regional Foresters, Station Directors, Area Director, IITF Director, Deputy Chiefs and WO Directors

    We are very excited to announce the new staffing software which we will refer to by the brand name eRecruit. This is part of a Department-wide initiative to implement a common Human Resources Staff Acquisition Solution platform for all USDA Agencies and offices. This software provides end-to-end Staffing and Entrance on Duty capability offered through the National Technical Information Service, (NTIS) which will be implemented as part of the “ONE USDA” initiative.
    What this means is:

    • Applicants are able to enter and stay in the Office of Personnel Management USAJOBs screen and track the overall status of their application, creating a better first experience.
    • Improved transparency to the workflow process, candidate pools, vacancy status, etc. without directly having to interact with Human Resources.
    • Mobile technology can be used to alert the Manager of pending actions, reducing overall wait time and risk of employment complications.
    • Real time reporting capabilities are available to better monitor the volume and diversity of the applicant pool within the timeline of the job posting.

    Phase 1 Implementation for eRecruit is well underway:

    • Solution design, stakeholder engagement, and communication activities are ongoing.
    • A targeted date of August 31, 2012, has been identified as the “Go-Live” date.
      • The Agency contract with Avue will end on September 30, 2012.
      • To minimize operational disruptions, we are working with the agency leadership and field representatives to design a transition strategy.
      • Implementation of the new NTIS solution must occur before the end of Fiscal Year 2012 to coincide with the end of the Avue contract.

    IMPORTANT: One item of key importance is Avue data. Please be advised it is not permissible to use documents created in the current Avue system for upload purposes into our future system. We cannot create reference libraries with this material, so please DO NOT download, print or otherwise collect documents created in Avue for this purpose. You may, however, collect documents that are available in a public record (such as a USAJOBs posting) or any reference created outside of the Avue system for purposes of creating the new reference libraries. Be sure to carefully note the source of all such documents in the event this is called into question in the future. If you have any questions concerning these instructions, please feel free to contact Janet Ford at jford@fs.fed.us.

    You may print copies or otherwise save documents that relate to your own personal position description, vacancy announcement, etc., but not for purposes of creating libraries for the new system.

    Again, the Forest Service is very excited to lead this journey. We are the first agency to implement eRecruit and all eyes are on us! We have many activities and key milestones between now and our implementation go-live. Given our aggressive timeline, it is imperative that we have your support throughout. Additional communications will be forthcoming, keeping you informed about project activities, including system testing and end user training. We recognize that our future workforce is the lifeline of the organization, so improving the way we recruit and hire will help us all succeed. Your support is critical to our collective success as an agency.

    /s/ J. Lenise Lago
    Deputy Chief for Business Operations

    cc: pdl wo ops asc hrm hros

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    Default Re: AVUE is going away...

    Why don't they just use USAJobs?

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    Default Re: AVUE is going away...

    Wow. Good deal.

    Applicants are able to enter and stay in the Office of Personnel Management USAJOBs screen and track the overall status of their application, creating a better first experience.

    It kind of sounds like it will have a usajobs relationship.

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